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    Hosoi In Mississauga

    The term "legend" is far too loosely applied to people these days, period. Where it's called for is in the case of individuals like Christian Hosoi who has had an immeasurable impact on skateboarding since he went pro at 14, and continues to kill it even to this day. Did you know... READ MORE

  • Skateboarding

    Tony and the Boss

    The weekend buzz always releases it's weekly videos on Friday, which makes sense, however their longer edits are now split in two. Dubbed as the best one yet by some of the comments on this one, Tony Hawk and Andrew Reynolds sit down to chat about Street League... READ MORE

  • Vans

    Vans Series Premiere: Bust-Crew

    In collaboration with Bust Crew and Cellout, Vans presents the newest OFFTHEWALL.TV original series, "Bust Crew." Serving as a montage of skateboarding from Gilbert Crockett's hometown crew and filmed with a Vx1000 by Will Rosenstock, Bust Crew features the rawest of skate... READ MORE