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  • Skateboarding

    TJ Rogers Pro

    What, no big surprise pro board party or big announcement on stage at an awards show? Blinds TJ Rogers may have pretty much discretely entered the pro ranks over the weekend with the release of his Recruit video on the Berrics. Not only has he been recruited, he's got three more fresh videos... READ MORE

  • Street League

    Street League LA

    Now that both Matt Berger and Ryan DeCenzo are in Street League it's made it that much more interesting to watch as a Canadian. Nyjah got hurt on Saturday and it seemed the proverbial doors were wide open for your above average SLS Pro's to step in and win. Come Sunday... READ MORE

  • Team

    Smart Alec

    This is what we tell our flow team all the time, just keep ripping and if it's meant to be it's meant to be. Look at what's happening to Ty Peterson now, he's a few leaps closer to making it and we are fully backing him. Back to young Alec Majerus, he's been fully destroying every last obstacle... READ MORE