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  • Team

    Smart Alec

    This is what we tell our flow team all the time, just keep ripping and if it's meant to be it's meant to be. Look at what's happening to Ty Peterson now, he's a few leaps closer to making it and we are fully backing him. Back to young Alec Majerus, he's been fully destroying every last obstacle... READ MORE

  • Skateboarding

    DGK: Blood Money

    Gone are the days when we really truly look forward to team videos coming out. There are still the new Transworld videos that come out once in a while that we pay attention to but in the meantime, it's videos like DGK's "Blood Money" edit that keep us going. Toronto's (yes, Toronto's) Wade DesArmo... READ MORE

  • Go Skateboarding Day

    Go Skate Weekend

    This past weekend marked the beginning of summer and although it rained in some places we all made the most of what was a most successful Go Skateboarding Day. We have so many awesome sponsors to thank for helping stoke kids everywhere. Our flow team put on virtual clinics... READ MORE