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  • Contests

    Dew Tour Finals

    All weekend we kept watching the Dew Tour Finals from Brooklyn NY to try to catch a glimpse of last weekends victor Jon Cos, who won the trip to the big apple for the Pro Dew Tour. What makes the Dew Tour special is that it comes across a little realer than street league in that it's held on the actual street... READ MORE

  • Asphalt Yacht Club

    Forgetful Skaters

    At the recent Asphalt Yacht Club tour here in Ontario, a kid was overheard remarking how Stefan Janoski was over hyped because of his shoe. Now, kids say things all the time that don't make sense but in some sort of perfect timing, we can look back a solid 11 years at how Stefan earned his spot on the yacht... READ MORE

  • Contests

    Jon Cos Wins 'em Both

    This was definitely the talk of Toronto this weekend in the skate scene as literally thousands of people attended the Mountain Dew AM skate contest out front of the famed Steam Whistle brewery across from the CN Tower. BMX happened on Friday, however Saturday threatened to have rain pretty much ruin... READ MORE