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  • Element Skateboards

    Element Welcomes Madars Apse

    Madars Apse, welcome to the pro team! It's impossible not to get entranced by this lanky, Latvian. The world-traveling Madars speaks five languages, is university educated, and is endless fun to be around. His grace on board is not always mirrored off it... READ MORE

  • Events

    Plan B Premiere December 1st Toronto Presented by West 49

    Who’s up for a skate video premiere in Toronto to get your stoke up as this weather takes a turn for the worse? Plan B’s been working on “True” for a while, in fact it’s hard to remember the last time a video dropped from these guys. Ever since the now infamous departure of P-Rod... READ MORE

  • Video

    World Record Ollie

    Do you remember Jeremy Wray? How about Donger? Maybe a little before your time, but I'm sure you know all about Jordan Hoffart who has a massive ollie. Something about skating with Aldrin Garcia all those years on Powell had it's influence on Jordan who managed to push... READ MORE