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  • Skateboarding

    Cons Project: Nick Genova

    What can truly be better than initiatives lead by brands that are actually making efforts to build a scene as opposed to making a splash only. Converse’s skate program has been faithful in running the “CONS Project” series and this year they've been back to Toronto... READ MORE

  • Skateboarding

    Jon Cos takes Boardr AM L.A

    The real question is, what has Jon Cosentino not won as an AM? Still only on Element Canada's team, the Oakville ON kid has stood the test of time since he started and is now widely recognized as a standout AM in the game. This past weekend the guys from the Boardr held the first... READ MORE

  • Snowskating

    Ambition Snowskates

    There’s no doubt that snow skates have tried to grow a market for the past 20 years but they really haven’t taken off. A few weeks ago we noticed that Transworld put up a video from the Ambition Snowskates guys in Quebec called the Best Tricks Edit and as they put it they are truly... READ MORE